scaleI appreciate you and your staff and what you do for the community. —AG., Sonoma

I really feel at ease in your hands. —DM, Sonoma

It is so nice to have supplements vetted by the doctors, then I don’t have to figure out which ones are any good. —LF, Fairfield, CA

Thank you, Dr M., for all your wonderful help and thoughts for when I was going through my cancer surgery and treatment. —AH, Petaluma

Love you guys. —KG, Sonoma

Everything went well with my sonogram, a big thank you, and want you to know that everyone in the radiology department loves your clinic and all that you do. —KO, Sonoma

Thank you so much for seeing my son. Whatever you said got through to him. Thank you!! —EB, Sonoma

I love the way your clinic smells. —JB, Sonoma

I have been sick for 25 years, since the removal of my thyroid. After 6 months working with Dr. Rebecca, I have felt better than I had since I was a teenager. —TR, 60 years old, Sonoma

Nobody listens like Dr. Porrino. —DL, Calistoga

I probably would never have gone to a naturopathic doctor if I hadn’t been referred by friends. I am so glad I took the leap. —HB, Petaluma

I took drugs for so many years for my acne. I am now drug-free and my skin looks better than ever. —LM, Sonoma

I was referred to your office by a friend. I was told I would get much more thorough information there for my daughters weight and skin problems. —CH, Sonoma

Its fantastic I finally have a diet that works. Its been a long time coming. —TR, Benecia

My hot flashes are gone — and without hormones. —AB, Sonoma

I was taking 7 medications — including 2 infusions every month — for my rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. I am down to one medication, I have lost 80 lbs, I no longer have “flares”, I eat better and feel better than I ever have before. —DT, Suisun City

That was the most thorough visit I have ever had. —DZ, Sonoma

I took 2 tsp of the herbal Ativan substitute, it worked wonderfully, all discomfort in my side went away, I never plan to refill that prescription again. —AD, Sonoma

I thank Dr. Rebecca for my son.  I tried to get pregnant for years.  —AR, Sonoma

I am off my Lipitor. I never liked that stuff. Thank you Dr. Marcus for creating a supplement program for me that keeps my cholesterol in check. —JB, Napa

Dr. Rebecca, thank you so much for the visit today. You are hands down the BEST doctor I have ever had, for so many reasons. —– DM, Sonoma

Thank you. I feel a sense of direction. I am so glad I decided to come in. —LM, Calistoga

I have heard about you from so many people, it was about time I came I myself. —GC, Suisun City.

I wish all medical professionals were like you. —TR, Fairfield

I feel so grateful to have found you. —JS, San Francisco

I want Dr. Rebecca to know that her diagnosis was correct. After I moved, I treated as we discussed, my digestion has been normal ever since. I am so grateful that she looked deeper at the cause. —AT, Sonoma

I knew my lifestyle got so unhealthy, I just didn’t know how to begin changing it. Where to start? This clinic gave me the blueprint to begin. —RD, Napa

After so many years struggling with endometriosis, I am finally pregnant.  I cannot thank you enough.  —LB, Novato

You are the first doctor that has touched me in many years.  Thank you for taking the time.  —DO, Rohnert Park

“Wow.  That was the most satisfying medical experience I have ever had.  Thank you.” —LO, Sonoma

“She’s a good doctor.  I’m glad I found her.” —LM, Sonoma

“I cannot believe how my surgical site appears today after the medicines Dr. Rebecca gave me yesterday.  My surgeon is flabbergasted too.  Thank you for your help.”  —SK, Napa

“Where have you been all my adult life?”  —EF, Napa

“Six months ago, physically, I had never felt worse.  Today, I have never felt better.”  –RH, Vacaville

“After years of prescriptions, over-the-counter sprays and pills, I finally have the tools I need to manage my allergies without them.  Thank you, Dr. Marcus.”  —TS, Sonoma

“I feel as though I am well taken care of here.  I don’t feel rushed.”  EQ, Sonoma

“I appreciate you trying to get to the “root” of this problem and not giving it a “band-aid” fix!”  —CA, Suisan City

“My digestion has been awful since my gall bladder surgery.  No one had any solutions for me until I came here.  Now I can manage it myself.”  DA, Sonoma

“I have Kaiser and I never go.  For years, I have been looking for someone to look after me and my family with a philosophy of health and prevention.  Someone who knows about nutrition and natural medicine, isn’t quick to grab the prescription pad…Glad we found you.”  —OW,  Napa