Naturopathic Medicine

SnmaNatPath-34This is the medicine that many people seek.  Its personal, holistic and comprehensive.  It brings together the best aspects of conventional medicine with non-toxic natural therapies that work.  This approach is very effective and highly individualized.  Naturopathic medicine treats the root cause, not just the symptoms.

Key Principles in Naturopathic Approach:

  • Taking time with patients allow for better health care
  • The body is capable of healing and self regulating
  • Doctor and patient are partners in the healing process
  • All aspects of the patient’s life matter: diet, lifestyle, relationships, and spirit
  • Natural medicine, from nature,  is less invasive, therefore should be used first whenever possible.
  • Prevention is good medicine

In California, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are licensed as primary care providers, able to diagnose and treat illness similarly to an MD who practices as a general practitioner or family practice doctor.  NDs can order laboratory tests, imaging and utilize these tools as well as an extensive history and physical exams to diagnose and manage illness. NDs use a small formulary of medications when needed, but prefer less invasive methods first.