Marcus Porrino, ND


Dr. Porrino, known as “Dr. Marcus ” by many of his patients, sees that close listening to a person’s story, and putting all the pieces together of their history and present together, the cause of their current health issues can be revealed.

Dr. Porrino has seen time and time again that, when given the proper guidance and support, the human body will always move towards a healthier state, a balanced state; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In the Office

A longtime experienced herbalist, Dr. Porrino  incorporates personalized botanical formulas for his patients, along with nutrition, lifestyle, homeopathy, and supplements, when indicated.

Dr. Porrino treats a great deal of Gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, IBD, SIBO, Reflux/Heartburn, constipation, etc…,  as well as autoimmune conditions, men’s health, pediatrics, and complimentary cancer care. He is continually attending conferences and consulting with other practitioners to keep updated  on the latest research and treatments in these and other areas.

Outside the Office

A native Californian and previous longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Porrino relishes being outdoors where he enjoys the fresh forest air while studying the herbs and wildlife as he hikes along. Dr. Porrino is a beekeeper, loves building projects, canoeing,  gardening and most of all, sharing these passions with his wife and 3 vibrant children.

Dr. Porrino completed his pre-medical undergraduate science degree at the University of Oregon and his Naturopathic Doctorate degree at the National College of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon.