6 Secrets to Flu Prevention 2015

elderberry basketIts October…time to start immune support and flu prevention for wintertime.  Nah, not the flu shot.  We’re talking about  hygiene, herbs, supplements and diet.  That’s enough to keep you healthy, as long as you are in good general health

Keep it simple this season:

  1. wash your hands
  2. take organic elderberry extract
  3. take vitamin D.  Learn your correct dose by being tested for your levels
  4. Take a good quality probiotic
  5. eat good homemade lacto-fermented foods
  6. get fresh air everyday

And glide through winter…

Love, the SNM docs

2 thoughts on “6 Secrets to Flu Prevention 2015

  1. I have a 5 yr old going into kindergarten in the Fall 2016, she has never had vaccines. I’m very fearful due to family history with bad reactions. According to the new California law she can not go to school unless she gets caught up on her shots which terrifies me. The only exemption available is if a Dr. examines her and looks at family history and provides form stating its in her best interest not to vaccinated. My question is are there any Drs in the Northern California area that you may know of that would be willing to see her and not just want to vaccinate? Any info would be greatly appreciated since I’m not in the position to home school. Thank you in advance.

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